Thursday, December 02, 2010

CNN / HLN November Numbers

According to CNN, 94 million people viewed the network in November. That's 14 million more than MSNBC and 12 million more than Fox News Channel. CNN's press release highlighting all of the CNN and HLN numbers for November is below.


CNN reached nearly 95 million viewers in November, while FNC had followed with 83 million, MSNBC had with 81 million and HLN averaged 79 million viewers.

In November, CNN topped MSNBC during the daytime (9am-5pm) in both total viewers and the demo adults 25-54. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming, CNN had a 51% advantage among total viewers (443k vs. 293k) and a 44% lead among adults 25-54 (118k vs. 82k). MSNBC placed fourth every hour during the daytime in the demo 25-54, except at 3pm and 4pm where they placed third behind CNN Newsroom. At 5pm, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer topped MSNBC’s Hardball in both total viewers and the key demo.

CNN Heroes, an All-Star Tribute to Everyday People Changing the World, hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper reached a cumulative audience over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend of nearly 16 million viewers. Traffic to CNN Heroes content on achieved more than 10.3 million page views, and more than 1.2 million video streams.

(Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, 10/04/10 – 11/28/10 and 10/05/09 – 11/29/09)


For the first time, HLN will top MSNBC among demo viewers for 12 consecutive months in both the morning (6a to 10a) as well as the daytime daypart (9a to 5p). Year-to-date, Morning Express tops Morning Joe by 53% (177k vs. 116k) and HLN is 31% ahead of MSNBC among demo viewers from 9a to 5p in the daytime daypart (105k vs. 80k).

In November, Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN continues its winning streak over MSNBC’s Morning Joe for the 20thconsecutive month, beating Morning Joe by a margin of 27% (179k vs. 141k) among 25-54 viewers.

CNN Digital:

No. 1 in TV News: With a monthly average of 67 million unique visitors through October, and a weekly average of 28 million unique visitors in November (through week ending 11/21), CNN Digital had a 24% advantage over MSNBC, was 5 times greater than ABCNews Digital and 5 times greater than CBS News online. (Source: comScore Media Metrix, May-Oct., 2010 – fully unified data for all properties comScore Media Metrix weeks ending 11/07 – 11/21 for weekly average claim.)

* not unified in comScore and therefore not appropriate for comparison.

CNN Election Coverage

* received 98 million page views in November, a 114% month-to-month gain and 98% gain over last November
* The Political Ticker generated 28 million page views in November, yielding gains of 14% month-to-month and 44% year-over-year.
* The highest traffic of the year on occurred on Midterm Election Day with 85 million page views, up 61% over the prior 4-week average.

(Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst) Posts Dramatic Gains in Blog Traffic in November

Traffic to’s Blog Network averaged 3.1 million page views a day for a total of 94 million in November, a 219% increase since last November. Several blogs that support CNN and HLN programming did especially well.

* AMFix was up 72% over last month and 29% over last year
* John King, USA was up 14% over last month
* Cafferty File was up 70% over last month and 20% over last year
* Morning Express with Robin Meade was up 15% over last month and more than 700% over last year
* Nancy Grace was up 7% over last month

(Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst)

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