Monday, November 22, 2010

CNN en Español Unveils New Look

SCNN en Español unveiled their new on-air graphics early today, as well as a newly refreshed studio. The lower thirds, gizmo and bug are similar to those from CNN Domestic and CNN International, with tweaks. These caps below come from forum member peramirez.

In addition to a new studio and graphics package, CNN en Español will see a number of programming changes. Forum member peramirez breaks down some the program changes outlined in this report from El Nuevo Herald.

New shows:

Archivo CNN with Camilo Egaña. (Archive show)
Cala with Ismael Cala from Miami, at 9pm ET. (Interview show)
Choque de opiniones with Juan Carlos López, from Washington. (Debate show)
CNN Investiga with Luis Carlos Vélez and Fernando del Rincón. (Investigative reporting show) Desafíos with José Levy. (Middle Eastern current affairs show)
NotiMujer with Glenda Umaña from Atlanta and Mercedes Soler from Miami, at 12pm ET. (Women affairs show)
Showbiz with Juan Carlos Arciniegas from Los Angeles and Mariela Encarnación from Miami. (Showbiz daily program)

Shows that continue (apparently) unchanged:

Al Día with Carlos Montero, every weekday morning. (Newscast)
Deportes CNN with Diego Bustos. (Sports)
Escenario weekly program from Hollywood (Entertainment)
Clix with Guillermo Arduino. (Tech show)
Agenda Ejecutiva (Traveling monthly show about business around the world)

Shows with new anchors:

Directo USA with Juan Carlos López, from Washington. (US newscast)
Encuentro with Claudia Palacios, at 5pm ET. (Latin American newscast)
Mirador Mundial with Camilo Egaña, weekend nights. (Newscast)
Nuestro Mundo with Patricia Janiot. (Afternoon newscast)
Panorama Mundial with Patricia Janiot and Fernando del Rincón. (Main newscast)

Below is a compilation of new CNN en Español on air promotions and bumpers.

In other developments, long-time CNN en Español anchor Daniel Viotto is leaving the network. He presented his last edition of "Encuentro" on Friday. Viotto will remain with CNN en Español in an off-air role until his contract expires in January. Viotto had been with CNN en Español for 14 years.

Daniel Viotto's final sign-off, along with a short highlight reel of his years at the network, is available in the video below for our Spanish speaking readers.

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