Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jane Velez-Mitchell's 'Every Parent's Nightmare' HLN Special


Victims’ rights advocate, author and anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell will host a powerful two-part special Every Parent’s Nightmare- An Issues Investigation on Thursday, November 4 and Friday, November 5 at 7p (ET). Jane speaks with anguished parents of abducted and murdered children whose stories she has covered on her HLN show Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.

For the first time, Jane brings together parents Ed Smart, Erin Runnion, Mark Lunsford, Ahmad Rivazfar and Diena Thompson, members of the Surviving Parents Coalition. These surviving parents strongly believe that by telling their stories, they can save children’s’ lives and live out theirs without anger and revenge. As these parents shared their emotional stories, Jane helps identify solutions to keep kids in every community safe.

In September, The Surviving Parents Coalition completed a cross-country bike journey called “The Ride for Their Lives” to raise money for the Adam Walsh Act to create a national sex offender registry and to raise awareness on how we can protect children from predators.

The discussion with these parents touched and deeply moved Jane and her producers as each one remembered the moment they were told their children were missing or never coming home. Watch as they describe turning their grief into action here.

Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell airs daily on HLN at 7 p.m. (ET).

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Blogger Once Fallen said...

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Surviving Parents Coalition, especially surrounding Mark Lunsford, who has turned his daughter's death into a cash cow. Only a person like Jane Velez-Mitchell would support a group that did a partial ride across the US to raise money to LOBBY for laws ALREADY on the books. Can you say SCAM?

Sex Offender Truth @ oncefallen. com

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