Wednesday, November 03, 2010

CNN / HLN October Numbers

CNN Press Release: CNN reached more than 100.1 million viewers in October, while FNC had 85.5 million, HLN had 85.2 million and MSNBC trailed with 83.7 million viewers. This represents CNN’s best cumulative advantage over FNC since July 2009 and the network’s best showing over MSNBC since April 2010.

For the month of October, CNN’s AC 360 at 10pm grew +9% compared to a year ago (October 2009), while FNC’s On the Record is down -6% and MSNBC’S Last Word/Friday docs are up +11% among adults 25-54.

During the month, CNN, FNC, and MSNBC saw similar declines at 8:00 pm vs. a year ago with FNC’s O’Reilly Factor dropping -11%, CNN’s Parker Spitzer off -10% and MSNBC’s Countdown down -8% in the key demo adults 25-54.

In October, CNN topped MSNBC during the daytime (9am-5pm) in both total viewers and the key demo 25-54 and in total day (6am-6am) among total viewers. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming – CNN had a 18% advantage among total viewers (492k vs. 280k) and a 63% lead among adults 25-54 (132k vs. 81k). MSNBC placed fourth every hour during the daytime in the demo 25-54, except at 3pm and 4pm where they placed third behind CNN Newsroom. While all cable news networks were down during the daytime versus year-ago, declines were more pronounced on FNC and MSNBC, with FNC down -10%, MSNBC dropping -12%, and CNN off the least at -6%. In total day among total viewers, CNN had 410k vs. MSNBC’s 409k.

At 5pm, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer topped MSNBC’s Hardball in both total viewers (603k vs. 578k) and in the key demo (150k vs. 142k) during the month.

CNN’s Black In America: Almighty Debt, reported by CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien, had a cumulative reach of 13.8 million total viewers and 5.8 million in the key demo adults 25-54 during the month of October.


In October, Morning Express with Robin Meade continues to dominate MSNBC’s Morning Joe among 25-54 viewers, with an advantage of 34% (175k vs. 131k). This is the 19th consecutive month that Morning Express with Robin Meade has topped Morning Joe among 25-54 viewers.

In daytime, 9a-5p (M-F) HLN has a 14% advantage over MSNBC among 25-54 viewers for the month of October (92k vs. 81k). This is the 13th consecutive month that HLN has beaten MSNBC among 25-54 viewers from 9a to 5p (M-F).


In September (most recent data), CNN Digital held its No. 1 position in total minutes, mobile and other key metrics, beating sites such as MSNBC Digital, Yahoo! News and Fox News Digital. (See below for detailed data and charts)


CNN Digital held its No. 1 position among ALL Global News and Current Event sites in several key metrics, beating sites such as MSNBC Digital, Yahoo! News and Fox News Digital.

* No. 1 in Total Usage Minutes: 658 million minutes, 140 million more than No. 2 Yahoo! News and 152 million more than No. 3 MSNBC Digital.

* No. 1 in Page Views: 982 million page views, 50% ahead of No. 2 Yahoo! News and 60% more than No. 3 MSNBC Digital. (Source: Nielsen Online Netview, Sept. 2010).

No. 1 in Audience among all TV News Sites: When compared to its TV News competition, CNN Digital topped them all in terms of unique audience. With 31.2 million unique visitors in September, CNN Digital’s audience was 9% larger than MSNBC Digital (28.6 million); 127% larger than Fox News Digital (13.8 million); 130% larger than ABC News Digital (13.5 million) and 245% larger than CBS News Digital (9 million). (Source: Nielsen Online Netview, Sept. 2010)


CNN Digital is No. 1 in Mobile in News and Current Events for the 45th consecutive month.

With 13.7 million unique visitors to its mobile site in August, CNN Digital beat the nearest competitor, Fox News Digital, by 50%. (Source: Nielsen Mobile MediaView – August 2010)

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