Thursday, September 23, 2010

CNN International's iList Nigeria

CNN Press Release: CNN’s i-list heads to Nigeria as the country celebrates 50 years of independence.

Week-long coverage anchored by Isha Sesay features interviews, countrywide reports from Christian Purefoy and Nima Elbagir plus viewer videos.

Sesay fronts the week of coverage live from Lagos, delving into its dynamic industries and diverse cultures through a series of interviews with guests from the world of politics, business and pop culture interspersed with reports and stories from CNN’s correspondents Christian Purefoy and Nima Elbagir.

CNN looks at the challenges and opportunities for Nigeria as it prepares for general elections in January. The political landscape, economic growth, unemployment, corruption, religious and ethnic tensions and violence and land ownership all come under the microscope during the week.

Nigeria looks at how Africa’s largest oil and gas producer is tackling power shortages and environmental issues, recent reforms in the banking industry and strenuous efforts to restore investor confidence. There are also stories about the thriving mobile communications industry in Nigeria. For major providers it is an enormous market and the primary way to access the internet. For the informal economy, entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to setup and support small businesses.

Fashion, music and film from also feature during the week as we focus on the entrepreneurial spirit of those living in the mega-city of Lagos. Another big business in Nigeria is wigs and weaves; i-List looks into the colourful story of roadside barbers and celebrity hairdressers.

The week also features the traditional yam festivals celebrated throughout August and September in Nigeria and West Africa. We highlight the scientific work being done at the world-respected International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, to protect the yam and in doing so, the region's culture and economy.

The programming culminates with the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, looking at its past achievements and exploring the challenges ahead.

“Our i-List series showcases nations, people and places - those having an impact inside and outside their borders - and brings our viewers a fresh insight into these countries that are shaping the international community. i-List Nigeria promises to be an interesting case study of the African nation as a barometer of the continent's wealth and progress." says Mike McCarthy, vice president of coverage and feature programming for CNN International.

CNN is asking viewers to submit their pictures and videos about Nigeria to iReport. This latest instalment of i-List continues a global journey which to date has included Bahrain, France, Georgia, Macedonia, Poland and Oman

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