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CNN Telethon - "Disaster In The Gulf: How You Can Help"

UPDATE #2: CNN has an official press release.

CNN original Larry King hosts a special two-hour Larry King Live telethon
this Monday, June 21, “DISASTER IN THE GULF: How You Can Help,” from 8 to 10pm
Eastern, a star-studded effort to raise funds for United Way, The National
Wildlife Federation and The Nature Conservancy, organizations working directly
with the families, individuals and wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill.

“The Gulf oil spill is a disaster both national and natural in scope,
and the point of this effort is to get immediate relief to the people and
Wildlife who are in urgent need,” says longtime CNN Larry King Live Senior
Executive Producer Wendy Walker. “The telethon’s proceeds go directly to the
relief organizations who are working on the frontlines to do just that.”

King comments, “I understand bureaucracy and that some things take
time, but when you’re out of work, you don’t need help tomorrow, you need help
today. I’m grateful so many friends and colleagues are coming out to support our
June 21st telethon. We’re going to raise all we can to help the people and also
the wildlife that need it now.”

Guests include Justin Bieber, Deepak Chopra, Cameron Diaz, Philippe
Cousteau, Ted Danson, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Randy Jackson, Kerry
Kennedy, Sammy Kershaw, Lenny Kravitz, Jenny McCarthy, Tim McGraw, Alyssa
Milano, Aaron Neville, Edward James Olmos, Victoria Principal, Robert Redford,
Gloria Reuben, Tyson Ritter, Richard Simmons, Ian Somerhalder, Sam Trammell,
Melania and Ivanka Trump, Pete Wentz, with a special performance by Sting.
Guests talk with King on set and via satellite and also participate in the
program’s telephone banks taking viewer calls, or in a special online Social
Suite—hosted by Ryan Seacrest—for participants using internet social media such
as Facebook and Twitter. Celebrity guests post live Facebook updates during
Monday’s telethon and the hashtag #CNNHelpGulf is used for viewers and online
participants wanting to join the conversation on Twitter. The telethon is
simulcast on CNN International and CNN en Español.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Soledad O’Brien, Kyra Phillips and Rob Marciano
provide the latest news from the Gulf throughout the 2-hour live telecast, with
reports from locations including New Orleans, Grand Isle, and other areas
throughout the region.

King also welcomes 11-year old special guest Olivia Bouler from Islip,
New York, who made news with her effort to protect birds in her native Southern
Alabama by providing original watercolor paintings of regional birds to anyone
who donated to organizations working to protect Gulf wildlife. She has raised
nearly $100,000 to date through her efforts benefiting groups such as the
Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Weeks Bay Foundation, Mobile Bay Estuary Program
and the National Wildlife Fund. Bouler paints a picture during Monday’s telethon
to auction for viewers, with proceeds going directly toward the evening’s
fundraising efforts. offers users and viewers ways to help, with
highlights from organizations seeking volunteers, links for direct donations,
tips for helping for those who can't travel to the Gulf, iReporters' solutions
for the cleanup, a live on-page update of what people are saying in the Twitter
world on #CNNHelpGulf as well as celebrity videos and more. CNN also offers the
option of mobile giving for telethon viewers with individuals able to give via
mobile phone text message to the United Way, The National Wildlife Federation or
The Nature Conservancy. Text message donation codes for the organizations
involved are announced during the CNN telethon.

United Way’s Worldwide CEO, Brian Gallagher, said, “The situation in
the Gulf has created real and immediate needs for families whose livelihoods
have been affected. Calls are coming in now for food, rent and utilities
assistance. We are also preparing for the extensive long-term needs that
will arise. United Way will remain on the ground after the immediate response,
working side-by-side with Gulf Coast residents to build more resilient
communities. This includes helping people as they re-imagine their lives
and livelihoods, take care of long-term health and mental health issues, and
learn how to become more financially stable to face any future

“The impact this disaster is having on people and wildlife in the Gulf
region is unthinkable,” said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National
Wildlife Federation. “This tragedy is unfolding in the heart of spring
migration, nesting season and calving season in the open water.”
Mark Tercek,
CEO of The Nature Conservancy, commented, “The Gulf of Mexico is a national
treasure that millions of Americans across the country depend on for their
livelihoods, food, recreation and inspiration. This precious resource has
suffered from decades of neglect and damage, all of which has been dramatically
compounded by this catastrophic oil spill. We need a comprehensive effort to
protect and restore the Gulf, one that is built on innovation, collaboration and
a shared vision of a healthy and vibrant natural system. We must act on this
now. We simply can’t wait another day.”

Walker and King recently orchestrated another Larry King Live telethon,
Haiti: How You Can Help, which benefited UNICEF and the Red Cross, organizations
working directly with those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti
earlier this year. The two-hour special featured a wide-ranging list of
celebrities, opinion leaders and tastemakers and raised some $10 million for the
earthquake relief effort.

UPDATE #1: The Larry King Live blog has more details on the telethon next week.

Tune in this Monday, June 21, for a special LARRY KING LIVE telethon focusing on what you can do to help the Gulf Coast.

"Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help," will be featuring three charities, so you will be able to choose which one you want to help out. The money raised will go to aid in rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

Celebrity participants include Chelsea Handler, Sting, Tim McGraw, Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, Deepak Chopra, Pete Wentz, Ted Danson, Robert Redford, Harry Connick Jr., Jenny McCarthy, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Aaron Neville, Kerry Kennedy, James Carville and Mary Matalin, Anderson Cooper, Tyson Ritter, Lenny Kravitz, Ian Somerhalder, Edward James Olmos, Philippe Cousteau and more!!

Original post: - Thursday June 17...

The Anaheim Examiner reports that CNN will air a two hour telethon on Monday, June 21st, raising funds for victims of the BP oil spill.

"Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help will air from 8 to 10 pm EST (5 to 7 pm PST) on Monday night, June 21.

Many celebrities will appear on the show joining Larry King, Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper and Philippe Cousteau in hopes of raising money that can immediately go to help rebuild the Gulf Coast."

This post updates once CNN releases details...

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