Friday, January 29, 2010

Susan Lisovicz's Last Day

Today is Susan Lisovicz's last day at CNN. Her contract is not being renewed. Kyra Phillips had some nice things to say during her hour of CNN Newsroom.
PHILLIPS: All right. Let's keep things on an up note. To all our viewers, ladies, gentlemen, everyone that's tuning in now, I just want you if you don't mind to stay with us here for a moment, stop what you're doing. This is Susan Lisovicz's last day with us, and I just want to do a little "This is your life." Let's take a listen for a moment.



LISOVICZ (on camera): Could clear the way for Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler lookalikes to light up the screen or possibly the television set once again. But whether today's writers could pull it off with the Southern style and grace of Margaret Mitchell remains to be seen.

Susan Lisovicz, CNN, Atlanta.


PHILLIPS: And you talk about grace, that is Susan Lisovicz, ladies and gentlemen. Grace, class, smarts. And the moment that I'll never forget -- she was the only reporter on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to track down the president of the United States. Folks, it was called what we like to call a kick-ass moment in television. Let's go ahead and listen to it.


LISOVICZ: Do you think it's warmer than on Capitol Hill right now?


LISOVICZ: Yes, I'll never forget that. I think we went live, Susan Lisovicz, for about ten minutes because nobody here at the network could believe that you were able to work your way through that crowd.

LISOVICZ: It was actually 40 minutes, Kyra.

PHILLIPS: Were we live for 40 minutes?

LISOVICZ: Yes. It was all unscripted. You know, I tell you, that photo that we're seeing, that shot went around the world because President Bush was only the second sitting president to visit the New York Stock Exchange. And so there was mayhem on the floor, even more than usual.

And I only recently learned the story here. There was only one photographer on the floor. He was standing on a ladder. Such a great guy. He was calling my name to face the camera so I could have a memento but I was live on the air, I didn't hear him. The president heard him, looked up, waved and that shot was used in countless newspapers around the world. And in fact, yes, it was just...

PHILLIPS: We should point out too, Susan, that's what's been one of the most amazing things about you in all the years that you've been here at CNN. You're not just the gal at the New York Stock Exchange talking about our money. You've covered disasters, hard news, you've done amazing features, you've done it all.

And you're the only one to get the president that day and ask him one of the tough questions when he was getting hammered on Capitol Hill for issues concerning the war.

Bottom line, we are going to miss you, Susan. You're one of the most remarkable women I've ever met here at CNN, and I thank you for making me better at what I do.

LISOVICZ: Oh, I'm a click and a call away for all of you. I really appreciate all the calls, the e-mails.

And just one last thing about the president. That was an unscheduled visit, Kyra, and my sources told me he wasn't going to come unless the market was rallying, and the market rallied that day. And he dropped in and the market is rallying today.

PHILLIPS: And you rallied for us, boy, for 40 minutes on live television. We're going to miss you. We love you.

LISOVICZ: Likewise.

PHILLIPS: You're a great person, Susan Lisovicz. All right.
During Tony Harris' shift on CNN Newsroom, he had some comments about Susan's leaving. Here is the video:

Although she has been an anchor for Headline News, and a reporter for CNN and CNN International, she was most frequently seen reporting from both the CNN studio and the floor at the New York Stock Exchange.

She was live on the air when then-President George W. Bush made a surprise visit to the NYSE and pushed her way through the crowd to become the only reporter to get an on-air comment from Bush during his visit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Susan be replaced by Poppy Harlow?

4:34 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

I'm not sure it's been announced yet... I guess we'll see on Monday. I would think it might be Stephanie Elam.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today it was Felicia Taylor.

12:03 PM  

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