Tuesday, December 09, 2008

CNN.com Puts Users at Forefront of Planet in Peril: Battle Lines

CNN Press Release - Site Offers Exclusive Online Footage, Video, Expert Commentary and Behind-the-Scenes Photography

CNN.com complements the second installment of CNN’s award-winning Planet in Peril documentary series with an online investigation of environmental conflicts around the world through Web-exclusive content including interactive maps, commentaries, slideshows, blogs, video logs and photo galleries.

For Planet in Peril: Battle Lines, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and The Oprah Winfrey Show correspondent and National Geographic host Lisa Ling travel to the front lines of environmental conflicts where countries, communities and individuals are fighting over oil, land, water and food. The documentary, taped in high definition, will air Thursday, Dec. 11, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. (ET) on CNN/U.S. with a simulcast on CNN International.

At www.CNN.com/PlanetinPeril, CNN.com offers users a companion special online report for the documentary complete with:

· Interactive Maps: Enable users to pin-point environmental battle lines across the eight countries on four continents examined in the documentary;

· Photo Galleries and Audio Slideshows: Showcase stunning still photography from the field as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Planet in Peril: Battle Lines;

· Exclusive Video Blogs: Feature behind-the-scenes footage, providing viewers a first-hand look at the making of Planet in Peril; and

· Opinion/Editorial Commentaries: Present the positions of the world's most-influential environmental experts and activists on the issues affecting the environment from global warming to endangered species.

CNN.com’s special Planet in Peril section also utilizes CNN’s global Impact Your World initiative to introduce users who may be interested in joining in the global effort to various charities dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. More information about these environmental charities and Impact Your World can be found at http://www.CNNcnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/impact/environment.html. Additionally, users are encouraged to share their personal stories of how they are taking care of the environment through iReport.com. Selected stories submitted to iReport.com could be featured on other CNN networks and services.

CNN Mobile Live, CNN Mobile’s live streaming video news service, provides users with the ability to watch the live broadcast of Planet in Peril. CNN Mobile Live is currently available on live video streaming services from Sprint and AT&T.

CNN.com is the world's No. 1 destination for online and wireless news, garnering the greatest audience share of total minutes among current events and global news sites. Launched in 1995, CNN.com draws from the resources of CNN Worldwide and its many partners to provide consumers with the most enriching, immediate interaction with news anywhere, seamlessly combining articles, videos, images, interactive features and user-generated content. CNN.com’s news video offering – both live and on-demand – is unparalleled on the Web. CNN.com’s recent awards include an Edward R. Murrow award, a National Headliner award, four EPpy awards and the Online News Association’s award for general excellence.

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