Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Planet In Peril Air Schedule

The original airdates on CNN Domestic:

Part 1: 9-11 PM

Part 2: 9-11 PM

The program will be re-aired on CNN Domestic:

FRIDAY 10/26
Part 1: 9 - 11pm
Part 2: 11pm - 1am

Part 1: 7 - 9pm
Part 2: 10pm - 12 midnight

SUNDAY 10/28
Part 1: 7 - 9pm
Part 2: 10pm - 12 midnight

Keep in mind these schedules may change due to California wildfire coverage.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to Team CNN. Jon Klein does not get
enough credit for the things he has accomplished
at CNN with regards to the amazing docs the
netwowrk is turning out these days. Along with
the technoly elements the network has brought
into news now being copied by other news
organizations.Nobody comes close to the
technology being used on TSR and programs
like AC 360.I think elements of 360 are the
most copied by other news organizations.
Once the PIP idea was announced, it was not
lomg before ABC and NBC followed.Now after
2 monthhs after 360 starts with the short
commercial breaks FNC copies that as well.
Thanks for giving CNN props with this blog
because the other so-called tv news blogs
do not seem to be aware of what is going
on at CNN.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Helen Nichols said...

Would like to see AC360 look at Australian company Telepathx and the technology it is trialing,

cheap RFID wireless fire sensors used in conjunction with Google earth maps to create an early wanrning systems for fire fighters, its providing virtual and real time fire monitoring and mapping.

Evidently as with the current fires in California many fires in Australia are started from faulting power lines. Something I know is happening a lot these days.

I read another post that says the company is planning on spending billions of dollars in the states developing wireless sensors networks for the intelligent energy grid project.

From what I have seen it looks like a sensor network geared towards reducing all sorts of disasters, and I thnk the australian know a thing or two about fight fires.

8:55 PM  

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