Sunday, February 11, 2007

Iranian president speech coverage

At 0750 gmt, CNNI was observed to have dispensed with normal programming to bring a Live Event - a live speech from Iranian president Mahmud Amhadinejad, in Tehran to mark Revolution Day. Coverage of the speech continued through the top of the hour, at 0800 gmt. The 0830 gmt airing of Revealed was also shunted for continuing coverage of the live speech.

The speech ended at 0843 gmt, and Shihab Rattansi, live in Atlanta summarized and spoke to a journalist in Tehran by phone.

After taking at break at 0850 gmt, Shihab returned with the continuing extended World News, with other news stories.

As scheduled, World News, with Shihab, started at 0900 gmt.


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