Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith verdict coverage

At 2025 gmt on CNNI, Becky Anderson in London broke away from World News Europe to bring a simulcast of CNN/US, which was providing live coverage of an impending verdict from Florida of the Anna Nicole Smith body custody trial.

However, the impending conclusion wasn't quite as soon as expected, as Judge Larry Seidlin took a break and announced he would have a decision in "15 minutes". Therefore, at 2035 gmt, CNNI cut away from CNN/US with World Business Today, with Charles Hodson live in London, beginning after a break.

At 2050 gmt, CNNI came straight out of a break and into a "Live Event" again simulcasting CNN/US, with the final verdict of the court. We were shown the end of CNN Newsroom and cut away just before The Situation Room began. CNNI cut away in perfect time for the closing bell from Wall Street, followed by the usual roundup from New York and the beginning of World News Europe at 2101 gmt.


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