Thursday, January 11, 2007

President Bush speech coverage, scheduling

At 0705 gmt this morning, Jonathan Mann was presenting a special report live from Atlanta during CNN Today, which was coming live from London with Max Foster and Paula Newton. This was a special feature on the reaction to the announcement of Bush's new Iraq strategy.

CNNI will be repeating Bush's speech this morning at 1000 gmt, taking up half an hour of the usual Larry King replay, which will begin at 1030 gmt and will only be half an hour long.

CNN/O reader Hugo confirms that the schedule change I spotted last night has been the case all week. Insight is no longer repeated at 2300 gmt - instead we get CNN Today live from Hong Kong.

Hugo also mentions that there is an extra half hour of Your World Today, so I imagine this is taking the place of the usual live Insight at 1900 gmt.

I'd find it asounding if they have axed Insight. Obviously, checking the CNNI schedule on is pointless - that still has the summer timezones on it (ie. CET = GMT+2).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you're watching, but in the US when the time changes the second Insight is dropped for CNN Today HG, and always returns in the spring. I think the Iraq coverage just preempted Insight for a few days.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Hey anon,

I'm in the UK. Yeah, I was aware that at 2300 gmt, some regions got CNN Today from HK, and some (like Europe/ME/N Africa) get the Insight replay.

It may well be a temporary thing, but I still think it is a little odd.

I assume you're in the US? Great to hear from a CNNI viewer in the USA!

Take care,

Stephen H

3:51 PM  

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