Sunday, January 07, 2007

Poor timekeeping

At 1508 gmt, Rosemary Church, live from Atlanta on World News, gave out a programming note about today's edition of Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. She gave out the following details:

"..That's coming up at 1400 gmt, that's in just under an hour from now."

An onscreen graphic also gave the time as 1400 gmt (I forget what the other timezones said, but I'm sure they were the respective hours ahead of/behind gmt)

Part correct - Late Edition IS just under an hour away, but that is 1600 gmt!

I'm quite sure I saw the same thing happen last Sunday morning, but I just assumed that Late Edition was earlier due to it being New Years Eve. However, it seems like a recurring error. Not what you'd expect from the "world's news leader", who have always worked to gmt.


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