Monday, January 01, 2007

World Sport end of year special

Today, 1 January 2007, sees the special annual review of the year on CNNI's World Sport. The show is hosted by Terry Baddoo at the CNN Center and he is joined there by Patrick Snell, Mark McKay, Candy Reid and Don Riddell (unusally, Don is in Atlanta rather than London). All the anchors look back at their assignments over the last 12 months.

The show makes much use of the video wall in Atlanta, with Terry standing at the wall, and the other three at CNN Center contributing their pieces via the video wall. You can see how crowded the CNNI Atlanta set is during the cut-away to the first commerical break - three round the desk, and Terry Baddoo lurking behind them!

The recently returned Pedro Pinto got a look in right at the very end, knocking on the screen behind all the anchors pleading "Hey..what about me". "Better luck next time", Terry tells him.

Incidentally, it's occured to me recently how small the Atlanta set actually is. This is evident particularly during the behind-the-anchor-desk shots towards the weather position - not much room for the cameras between these two positions.


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