Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CNNMoney.com Launches International Homepage

CNN today launched a brand new international homepage for CNNMoney.com. CNN's press release below.


Plus, a new editorial in-depth "The Rise of China" focuses on China's economy, investing and more

CNNMoney launches an international homepage today with personalized content and global indexes for audiences outside of the United States. The international homepage launches alongside a new in-depth special report called, "The Rise of China," which will look at China's economy, the opportunities and risks of investing in China and the tension between U.S. and Chinese companies.

"Our growing audience around the world demands more high-velocity news and real-time analysis of interdependent markets and economies and global brands," says executive editor Chris Peacock. "By investing in more reporters around the world, we will be giving our readers more of what they want when they want it."

CNNMoney already generates 13% of its  traffic from outside North America and the international homepage will serve as a gateway to CNNMoney's overall site, which offers technology, markets, economy, leadership and video content. CNNMoney is also expanding its editorial team with new positions in Asia and Europe, including a new international editor, senior editor, as well as additional reporters.

As part of this expansion, CNNMoney's international homepage will connect with CNN International's business coverage, including the CNNi 360 blog, Quest Means Business, Global Exchange and World Business Today at www.cnn.com/business.

The new international homepage will help CNNMoney build upon its solid base of international ad revenue by growing audience through more relevant content experiences.  The combination of CNNMoney, CNN International and Fortune International sales efforts will enable CNNMoney to compete more aggressively for advertising dollars globally and regionally.

See CNNMoney's "The Rise of China" in-depth special here:

• China's Economy Growing Pains: http://cnnmon.ie/HZQDVn

• China Manufacturing Improves Slightly:  http://cnnmon.ie/K2GZ4D

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