Friday, December 02, 2011

CNN International Reviews Defining Moments of 2011

CNN International is getting in early on the end-of-year retrospective season with the premiere of 'Defining Moments 2011' this weekend. The hour-long special's first airing is Saturday, with repeats scheduled for Sunday and Monday. Details and times from CNN below.

CNN Press Release: As a remarkably tumultuous year in international news draws to a close, the world’s news leader looks back at some of the most compelling reporting and extraordinary events in a CNN special: Defining Moments 2011.

Around the world, CNN has been at the forefront of every major event. With unprecedented access and incomparable global reach, the network has brought fast, accurate and impartial reports live from the frontline.

CNN reporters witnessed revolt across the Arab world that toppled governments, and were on the ground in Japan as citizens braved disasters both natural and manmade. In Defining Moments 2011, CNN reflects on this historic and dynamic year, from the death of Osama Bin Laden months before the tenth anniversary of September 11 to the slow disintegration of the Eurozone, the terror attacks in Norway, bombings inMoscow and the ongoing widespread famine in East Africa.

Defining Moments 2011 takes viewers on a journey, remembering a year of stories that had audiences all over the globe glued to their screens. Go back inside Moammar Gadhafi's compound on the day Tripoli fell. Relive the moment Prince William married Kate Middleton. Look back at the launch of NASA’s last space shuttle as it headed skyward for the final time, and reflect on the devastation that followed some of the worst floods parts of Australia, Brazil and Thailand have experienced for decades.

Defining Moments 2011 invites viewers to look back on a year that will stay in the collective memory for a long time.

Airtimes this weekend:

Saturday 03 December: 1400 GMT, 2000 GMT, 0200 GMT
Sunday 04 December: 1100 GMT, 0400 GMT
Monday 05 December: 0400 GMT, 2000 GMT



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