Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anchor-Go-Round Weekend On CNN International

It's an anchor shuffle weekend on CNN International with Rafael Romo and new face Tylar Bacome fronting the network's news updates and World Report bulletins.

Romo is Senior Latin American Affairs Editor of CNN Worldwide and often files reports and live hits on CNN International, but we believe this weekend is the first time he has sat in the anchor chair for CNN International.

Meanwhile, Tylar Bacome has been anchoring the overnight shift both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

No word at this stage on whether Bacome is a new permanent hire, but CNN International has, in the past, utilized freelance meteoroligists for weekend shifts.

It's also worth noting: Since last weekend CNN International has adjusted its weekend programming schedule to now include simulcasts of CNN Presents and the 10:00pm (eastern) edition of CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon.

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