Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hala Gorani Hosting Live World Bank Webcast Today

CNN International's Hala Gorani is scheduled to host a World Bank live webcast debate on gender equality later this morning. (via: Linking to Hala)

The brief from the World Bank Open Forum website says:

It’s 2011, and inequality is still a lifelong experience for girls and women. Women make up the majority of unpaid workers worldwide. Only 15% of landowners and one in five lawmakers globally are women. More girls are out of school than boys. Violence against women is still widespread.

It’s time to increase women’s economic opportunity and their voice in decision making. But how do we get to equal?

Join the conversation at the Open Forum: Gender – Getting to Equal in 3 ways:

1) SUBMIT IDEAS about ways “to get to equal” and overcome gender inequality in your community. Tell your friends to agree with your idea - the most popular ones will be debated during the Open Forum.

2) PARTICIPATE IN THE CHAT FORUM beginning Tuesday, September 20 at 12 pm Washington, DC, time. Gender activists, entrepreneurs, and academics will rotate as hosts for the 24-hour chat forum. Sign up for an email reminder on the right.

3) WATCH THE LIVE DEBATE hosted by CNN International's Hala Gorani, a distinguished panel of experts will continue the discussion about your ideas in a live webcast debate.

The webcast begins at 10:00am (eastern) and can be viewed by following the links on this website.

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