Friday, June 03, 2011

The CNN Freedom Project's 'Paper Airplanes For Freedom'

CNN viewers around the world are being urged to create their own symbol for freedom - in the form of a paper airplane. The idea is part of The CNN Freedom Project's latest iReport assignment - 'Paper airplanes for freedom'.

CNN has more details on how viewers can take part in the assignment:

1. Build it. The CNN Freedom Project has used the paper airplane as a symbol of the path towards freedom. We want you to make a paper airplane of your own. On one wing, write one of the three statistics above. On the other wing, write a message of hope for the victims in your own words. Then add your name.

2. Show it. Upload a close-up photo of your airplane. Extra points if you also upload a video of your plane flying through the air.

3. Pass it on. Give your plane to a friend or a stranger. Encourage that person to write their name and pass it on to others.

The deadline for submissions in June 15. You can view a collection of paper airplanes submitted by viewers by scrolling to the bottom of this link.

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