Thursday, May 19, 2011

CNN Coverage Of Obama Middle East Policy Speech

CNN Domestic and CNN International will jointly produce coverage of President Obama's speech on Middle East Policy today.

According to CNN's press note, Wolf Blitzer, Suzanne Malveaux and Hala Gorani will anchor, with contributions from Fareed Zakaria, Gloria Borger, Ed Henry and Jill Dougherty. CNN reporters currently deployed in the Middle East will also report on reaction from their respective regions, including Nic Robertson from Tunisia, Kevin Flower from Israel, Rima Maktabi in Lebanon, and Sara Sidner, Ben Wedeman and Nima Elbagir all reporting from Libya.

The CNN / CNN International simulcast begins at 11:30a (eastern). Viewers can also view a live stream of the speech on, as well as the CNN apps for smart phones.

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