Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 29th Royal Wedding Coverage Update

CNN announced their schedule for April 29th Royal Wedding coverage today :

12am-1am Piers Morgan Tonight replay
1am-2am Anderson Cooper 360° replay
2am-3am CNN International (live)
3am-4am CNN International (live)
**4am-10am** ‘A Royal Wedding’ - CNN Worldwide live coverage
10am-11am CNN Newsroom
11am-12pm CNN Newsroom
12pm-1pm CNN Newsroom
1pm-2pm CNN Newsroom
2pm-3pm CNN Newsroom
3pm-4pm CNN Newsroom
4pm-5pm CNN Newsroom
5pm-7pm The Situation Room
7pm-8pm John King, USA
8pm-10pm Piers Morgan Tonight
10pm-12am Anderson Cooper 360°

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