Friday, January 28, 2011

CNN's Continuing Coverage Of Egypt Protests

CNN has three reporting teams deployed across Egypt as tensions between protesters and the government intensify. Ben Wedeman, CNN's senior international correspondent based in Cairo, has been joined by Nic Robertson (reporting from Alexandria) and Frederik Pleitgen (reporting from Cairo and Suez).

In addition to journalists on the ground, Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN's international correspondent normally based in Abu Dhabi, is currently in Atlanta reporting across all of the network's platforms. CNN says it is also utilising their newsgathering hub in Abu Dhabi, as well as its International Desk in Atlanta, which is staffed with numerous Arab speakers and specialists.

Coverage of events in Egypt continues on television across Friday on CNN Domestic and CNN International. You can also track the latest news online with the following CNN links:
Ben Wedeman Twitter
Nic Robertson Twitter
Frederik Pleitgen Twitter
CNN International Desk Twitter

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