Saturday, November 21, 2009

CNN Digital No. 1 TV News Property on the Web in October CNN No. 1 in reach across TV and Web, beating MSNBC and Fox News for 11th consecutive month

CNN Press Release - In October, CNN Digital beat the top TV News Properties on the web in all metrics, including unique audience and video. Additionally, CNN Digital has been the No. 1 mobile destination among all news sites for the past 33 consecutive months.

No. 1 in Unique Audience: 38.3 million unique visitors, beating MSNBC Digital by 3.2 million and Fox News Digital by 22.1 million. CNN Digital also beat CBS News Digital by 28 million and ABC News Digital by 24 million.

No. 1 in Video: More than 285 million minutes, 9 million more than No. 2 MSNBC Digital. CNN Digital is also the No. 1 news video property year-to-date averaging more than 327 million minutes per month.

No. 1 in Mobile: 11.9 million unique visitors, surpassing the nearest competitor Yahoo! News by 127%. CNN Digital has remained the number one mobile news and information site for 33 consecutive months according to Nielsen Mobile Media View. (Source: Nielsen Mobile Media View - September 2009)

CNN Digital is No. 1 among all News and Information sites in share of online news, total minutes and average time per person.

No. 1 in Share: 9%, nearly doubling MSBNC Digital (5%)
No. 1 in Total Usage Minutes: 1.2 billion total usage minutes, 77% ahead of MSNBC Digital (688 million).
No. 1 in Time Per Person: 30% more time spent per person with CNN Digital than any other site among the top 20 sites

With a combined reach of more than 123 million across its online and television platforms in August, CNN is the No. 1 cable news brand, beating MSNBC and Fox News. (Source: Nielsen Fusion – August 2009 – most recent data available)

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