Monday, September 07, 2009

CNN International Unveils New London Set

When Katherine Green, senior Vice President of Programming for CNN International, joined the network in early 2008, she took charge of an ambitious repositioning project that eventually saw strategic changes to the network’s programming schedule planned, and implemented. Whilst some of the new programs commissioned by Green are still yet to air – notably ‘Amanpour’ and ‘W1’ – another key element of CNN International's revamp was unveiled Monday with a newly renovated London set debuting during ‘World Sport’.

In other news, the London-based program, ‘Connect The World’ with Becky Anderson, is tipped to undergo a change in graphics and titles later on Monday. Anderson teased viewers at the close of Friday’s program:

“We have a new look show next week, so do join us on Monday. We’re very excited about it.”

A possible glimpse of the new look can be found on the newly launched webpage for the show, the blog and a new promo that debuted on Monday:

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