Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Audience Participation Drives CNNI's 'Road To Recovery' Coverage

CNN Press Release - With G-20 looming, CNN International harnesses its newly expanded newsgathering operation with an ambitious slate of new programming, and a comprehensive audience engagement initiative, to search for global solutions and personal success stories amongst the daily headlines of lay-offs and bail-outs.

Continuing the extensive viewer dialogue that started in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos featuring feedback from online users, YouTubers and bloggers, beginning today CNN will solicit viewers and users on air and online at http://www.ireport.com one thing, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, to ask the question ‘What is the one thing you are doing to beat the recession?'

"We want to get the world view on how people are navigating, surviving and thriving in these difficult times," said Katherine Green, senior vice president of CNN International. "With correspondents based around the world, we will bring regular updates of how different countries are tackling the issues, and we also want to hear directly from people themselves and put their own stories at the heart of our programming."

This global user-generated content initiative will sit alongside CNN's extensive on-air commitment to showcase not only the challenges but also the opportunities arising from the economic situation. The newly launched business show Quest Means Business', hosted by business expert Richard Quest, leads the network's coverage with a combination of A-list interviews and regular real-time ‘tweeting' with viewers via Twitter.

From the streets of Mumbai to the cafes of Paris and the sushi bars of Tokyo to the London Stock Exchange, CNN brings you the human stories of the recession and the road to recovery, as well as the jargon, numbers, company statements and share prices from the corporate world to give the full perspective from both the boardroom and the high street. The TV output will be complemented by a full interactive companion site at www.CNN.com/recovery, which hosts a customized, interactive Google Earth map featuring stories, videos, blogs and iReports that represent a snapshot of the global recession. The map also includes introductory videos from CNN correspondents around the world that show how their local regions are dealing with the recession.

The launch of ‘Road to Recovery' coincides with the expansion of CNN's programming line up, including ‘Quest Means Business' and soon to be enhanced by additional shows anchored by European talent like Becky Anderson and Fionnuala Sweeney, and culminating later this year in a nightly interview show hosted by internationally acclaimed chief international reporter Christiane Amanpour.

"Richard's business expertise, coupled with that of other presenter colleagues and a roster of correspondent reports from around the world, will bring a breadth of reporting that we doubt you'll see elsewhere" added Green. "And that's what you need on this most globally interconnected of stories."

About CNN's coverage:

Together with ‘World Business Today' anchored by Andrew Stevens from Hong Kong, Charles Hodson from London and Maggie Lake from New York at 1530 and 2100 HKT, other weekday programs driving this ‘Road to Recovery' coverage include ‘Quest Means Business' at 0200 HKT and ‘International Desk' hosted by Hala Gorani from Atlanta at 0000 HKT.

Taking full advantage of CNN's global resources, these destination programs will be instrumental in covering the G-20 on April 2 for the network. Richard Quest, Charles Hodson and Paula Newton will report live throughout the day from the ExCel center while Nic Robertson, Phil Black and Jim Boulden will offer reports on local reaction to the economy-focused summit. White House correspondents Suzanne Malveaux and Ed Henry will be present covering U.S. President Barack Obama's first trip to Europe since being elected president.

iReport.com is reaching out to users, specifically those who live in a G-20 country, to submit videos and photos of the message they want their representatives to pass on at the summit and what changes, if any, they expect to occur. CNN's iReport correspondent, Errol Barnett, plans to take some of these G-20 focused iReports, highlight them in special segments on air and designate the iReporters as regular contributors during CNN's coverage of the G-20.

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