Friday, March 21, 2008

Anderson Cooper says he has skin cancer

Newsweek has the details on Anderson's operation that kept him away from the network for a few days.



Blogger ACAnderFan said...

Best wishes to Anderson. I hope that his minor surgery will be the end of his skin cancer.

6:48 PM  
Blogger said...

Will CNN’s Most Blue Eyed Reporter Anderson Cooper Commit the Blessed Suicide & Lead Whites to Salvation?
Hi Anderson,
You are a good looking white man, whatever that means and you have a good laugh and personality.

But that doesn't mean you are a beautiful person.

You deserve skin cancer and if you continue down your path of unrighteousness death by the melanoma execution too.

You have thought those sexy blue eyes and white skin were your Get Past Go Card your whole life. They turned out to be your Bloody Albatross.

Skin Cancers & Melanomas are the curse of God against white people for their forefathers' skin sins and your continued evil into these, your Last Days & Times.

As I am reading, if you Commit the Blessed Suicide to redeem yourself to God, Nature and fix your soul, that's another thing.

DigitalMonkeys suggests you are the one to lead your race to salvation and God's plan of holy redemption for whites through mass suicide - that you, because of your public persona and gift of gab may could be greater than Jim Jones!

I don't believe you are the one, though. You are far to vain and arrogant. You suffer from the debilitating Racist Psychosis that caused God/Mother Nature to open the Ozone layer and begin His/Her 2nd Rapture. water. The 2nd is reserved for fire. Ultraviolet light is the Fire of the 2nd rapture of the Sun of God - whose name is Jesus.

If you are, I will apologize and jump with great joy to see you on the other side.

If not, as I suspect, you will be another example God can hang from the trees, like the slave owners did the African men and women they abused, as a shameful warning to other whites that He or Mother Nature find your color & race despicable.

God fixed his light to discriminate between blacks and whites to burn the latter.

Many blacks now know, understand and feel that God/Mother Nature's poetic justice is more valuable than the white man's concept of racial equality.

Commit the Blessed Suicide:

DigitalMonkeys says:


7:30 PM  

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