Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Of/Worst Of 2007

Let us know what you think the Best and Worst of 2007 were for CNN and its networks. Could it be the hiring of Campbell Brown, or the CNN Internationl Chryon "Bush Resigns"? Let us know via comment below. Any predictions for 2008? We'd love to hear those too!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of 2007 on CNN list :

*** The presidenial debates***
*** True documentaries and specials***
*** CNN's coverage of breaking news in
2007: from Va Tech from Bhutto***

Worst of 2007 :

*** Not keeping the full 2nd hour of
AC 360 live***

*** Taking away the overnight news and
weekend news on HLN***

*** Weekend programing on CNN there are
too many repeats( I would rather see
less repeats and more innovative programs
like this Ballot Bowl 08 on both CNN and HNL.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. The YouTube Debates
2. Arwa Damon in Iraq
3. Ballot Bowl & all other political coverage!
4. New Year's Eve with Anderson and Kathy Griffin
5. Hiring Campbell Brown!
6. Ed Henry asking tough questions at the White House


1. Replaying 360 in the second hour
2. LKL replayed on Headline News
3. Paris, Anna Nicole, Lindsay, and Jamie Lynne Coverage
4. Anything with Rick Sanchez
5. Not enough Miles O'Brien

7:57 PM  
Blogger admin said...

1) CNN Raw Politics
2) Coverage of Breaking News
3) Hiring of Campbell Brown
4) Switching timeslots of Lou Dobbs and the Situation Room
5) Rebranding CNN Newsroom

1) "Recasting" American Morning
2) Losing live news @ 11 pm
3) Obsession with tabloid trash
4) Lack of coverage of genocide in Darfur
5) Losing Jeff Greenfield from CNN's political team

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-Morning Express
-Kyra Phillips in Iraq
-Miles O'Brien smashing up the new studio with a golf ball (mabe that was in 2006,,oh well
-V.A. tech coverage

-shooting at the CNN center

7:13 PM  

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