Saturday, June 09, 2007

Future Summit: Virtual Worlds

This coming week sees the latest in the series of CNN Future Summits. This time, Kristie Lu Stout looks at the possibilities of "virtual worlds", "where reality meets imagination, and computer technology...comes to life". The show features entrepreneurs and leaders in Singapore and Palo Alto, California.

CNN Future Summit premieres on CNN/I this Wednesday at 1400 gmt (in place of Your World Today Hour 1), and is repeated on Saturday 16 June at 0600 gmt, 1400 gmt and 1900 gmt, and on Sunday 17 June at 0600 gmt and 1900 gmt.

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Blogger CNNfan said...

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8:06 PM  
Blogger CNNfan said...

Hello !

CNN made an excellent choice sure to bring back fond memories to CNN fans who remember Kristie Lu Stout on NEXT@CNN.

For those who may not remember Kristie Lu Stout on NEXT@CNN as being one of the best at covering the SciTech beat.

They know Kristie Lu Stout is what's 'hot!' lately and fantastic to watch on CNN.

8:11 PM  
Blogger CNN/I viewer said...

Yeah, that's very true CNNfan...she's definitely the best choice for this kind of topic.

Even just on CNN Today, whenever there is a technology or new media story, and Kristie gets to do an interview with someone in the know, she definitely excels.

3:08 AM  

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