Sunday, May 20, 2007

Adrian Finighan in Atlanta; Project Life

* Adrian Finighan, usually of CNN Today and Business International from London, is in Atlanta this week and has been co-hosting Your World Today. CNN/I's London anchors are occasionally seen in Atlanta, with recent examples being Max Foster and Richard Quest. However, it would appear to have been much longer since a Hong Kong-based anchor was anchoring from Atlanta.

* Sanjay Gupta's new series Project Life premiered on CNN/I on Wednesday evening. This is another 15-minute programme, following on from Becky Anderson's "The Spirit Of…". Project Life is on each Wednesday at 1815 gmt, in place of the last 15 minutes of Your World Today. It also repeats at the weekend. It would appear that this series is exclusive to CNN/I, unless anyone can tell me otherwise

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