Thursday, April 26, 2007

CNN: Special Investigative Unit Finds America Still Vulnerable to Disaster

CNN Pressroom - Anderson Cooper, Top CNN Correspondents Investigate Solutions to Strengthen Nation’s Soft Targets

In the latest CNN: Special Investigations Unit documentary, anchor Anderson Cooper and homeland security expert Stephen Flynn not only show the nation’s vulnerabilities to a range of natural and man-made catastrophes but discuss real solutions. We Were Warned, Edge of Disaster, a one-hour documentary, will premiere on Saturday, April 28, and Sunday, April 29, at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. All times Eastern.

Flynn, author of Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding a Resilient Nation, asserts that resiliency is America’s most valuable asset and offers his top security recommendations. CNN’s top investigative journalists uncover weaknesses in protecting the nation’s food supply, ports, and power grids. Security experts reveal the government’s preparedness to protect citizens against the threats of biological warfare and dirty bombs. CNN’s Justice Department correspondent Kelli Arena, national correspondent David Mattingly, homeland security correspondent Jeanne Meserve and special correspondent Frank Sesno also examine possible threats to the nation’s urban centers and suburban neighborhoods.

“A smallpox attack would kill one-third of all exposed. A major earthquake could leave thousands homeless and without access to even basic medicines or water. Unfortunately these issues are top of mind for Americans in this day and age,” said Mark Nelson, vice president and senior executive producer of CNN Productions. “Our goal is to offer thoughtful, realistic solutions to help viewers understand what they can do to protect themselves.”

Edge of Disaster was co-executive produced by Jeffery Reid and Claire Brinberg.

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