Thursday, December 21, 2006

Larry King Live Marathon Highlights Christmas Day Programming

CNN Press Release - Tom Foreman Reviews Year with Guests including Lewis Black, Arianna Huffington for Dec. 26 Special

On Christmas Day, CNN plans to air 14 hours of Larry King Live’s most compelling interviews of 2006, beginning at 9 a.m. (ET). These include King’s interviews with Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor among others.

CNN’s special programming for the day begins on American Morning with a heartfelt family reunion between Sgt. Darrin Gibbs, a soldier in Kuwait, and his mother, Joanne Gibbs of Vicksburg, Miss., who took a job in Iraq this summer. In addition, a service member in Afghanistan, who oversees approximately 400 soldiers, will speak about the status of fighting there and the overall morale of troops over the holidays. American Morning, co-anchored by Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien airs each weekday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. (ET)

CNN Pipeline,’s premium live news video service, will provide live and taped programming throughout the day, offering breaking news reports as they occur. The service also will air the CNN Presents documentary After Jesus – The First Christians and other CNN specials including “Time Person of the Year” and “Welcome to the Future.”

On Tuesday, Dec. 26, CNN will air “Flashpoints,” a one-hour special in which a guest panel reflects upon the top events of 2006 and expectations for 2007. For the special, correspondent Tom Foreman employs visual technology and satellite maps to show an ever-changing world. Guests include Middle East analyst and author Reza Aslan, comedian Lewis Black, anthropologist Wade Davis and founder Arianna Huffington.

CNN Worldwide, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company, is one of the world’s most respected and trusted sources for news and information. Its reach extends to nine cable and satellite television networks; one private place-based network; two radio networks; wireless devices around the world; four Web sites, including, the first major news and information Web site; CNN Pipeline, an on-demand broadband video service; CNN Newsource, the world’s most extensively syndicated news service; and partnerships for four television networks and one Web site.


Blogger Stephen said...

I'm putting 20 bucks on CNNI showing Combat Hospital over Christmas! ;-)

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And i'm betting the 2 hrs long "Jesus: After Christians" thing.

11:30 AM  

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